Indoor Air Quality for a Healthier Home

Currently the attention of many is turned to the quality of our earth’s air and what we can do to help it. Air quality is important to remember inside, too! We often forget about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) within our homes, and there are many causes that can affect your family’s health.

Airborne dust, dander and pollen can trigger asthmatic and allergic reactions. High humidity in the home can cause mold spores and bacteria growth, as well as excessive moisture which collects around windows offering a perfect place for mold and bacteria to grow. Toxic fumes from cleaning products, carbon monoxide, volatile chemicals from furniture, paint etc. can all contribute to health issues, too. The following are a few ways to help improve IAQ in your home.

Exchanging indoor air with fresh outdoor air will help make toxic fumes, volatile chemicals and carbon monoxide less concentrated, and yearly maintenance is the answer. Maintenance will ensure heating and air conditioning equipment is running efficiently and cleanly, helping reduce any combustion gas produced. Changing air filters on your heating/cooling equipment every three months will help capture airborne particles and keep air circulation strong. We should all install carbon monoxide detectors to alert you to any elevated carbon monoxide levels.

Installing a ventilation system instantly provides several benefits; it is an energy efficient means to exhaust indoor pollutants, maintain a continuous supply of fresh, filtered, tempered air into your home, control excess indoor humidity, recover heat from exhaust air in winter, and also cools incoming air in summer if your home is air conditioned.

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