Ice Ornaments

Spend time outside. Get some fresh air! That is always my goal when trying to create new things for my kids to do. 

Recently all the Christmas and holiday decorations came down at our house, and after all the sparkles and bright lights things seemed a little drab. We decided to make some cute outdoor decorations for our front tree. Something wintery and festive that would still greet our guests. Ice ornaments – pretty and wintery!

First we tracked down some plastic containers, then filled them with little bits of nature. We trimmed the tips off our Christmas tree, added some cranberries I had hiding in the freezer, and some red sticks we found in our yard. (This is also a great excuse to go on a nature hunt to search for what you need.) Then fill the containers with water; the trick is to just cover with water the things you have put in your container. Then set them outside to freeze. I find pre-boiling the water then sitting to let cool before you use it leaves the ice it makes a lot clearer, without the white bits. Keep checking them; once they are half-frozen cut up a drinking straw into short lengths and then stick it into the slush, creating a space for a ribbon to go through once they are completely frozen. 

Once frozen, pop out of the containers, string up with ribbon, and hang. They look lovely in the sunlight!

Emily Ireland