Hooked: Leisure Fishing with Pro Angler Mike Williams

The Mid-Winter Blahs

When you are an avid angler living here in cottage country Ontario, you know all too well about the mid-winter blahs.  We’ve made it to the point in the year where you’re getting fed up with the cold weather and you just want to get out on your favourite lake, enjoy some sunshine, cast a line and reel in a big fish.

Even though ice fishing is a popular retreat, for some of us die-hard fisherpersons there is no comparison to being at the lake fishing, enjoying time with friends and family.  If you find yourself having a case of the blahs, here are few ways you can distract yourself from these feelings, and hopefully make the spring season come a little quicker.

Although a fishing vacation south would be amazing, we can’t all afford that – and let me tell you it’s a short lived fix to the craving.  Become a fan of some of the exciting new things happening for some of our Canadian anglers in the major tournament series south of the border, such as the FLW Tour or Bassmaster where local boys like the Johnston brothers are taking the Elites by storm. With live streamed events it’s not hard to get into the action and show your support.

Another idea is to get involved with some of the great fishing groups on the web or social media, and talk about the upcoming season.  These platforms are a great way to share interests and information to make your next trip more successful.

Get your gear prepared and make sure everything is in order, so that it is ready to go when the time comes around. Get your reels lubed up and rods checked, organize tackle, and make lists on what tackle you may need, or would like to try next time out.

Visit one of the many local sportsmen or fishing shows – this is a great way to spend time gathering tips and techniques from the pros, through the many seminars. Visit with the vendors and find some of the great off-season deals, or look at that dream boat you want to get into in the near future.

I know these may not completely take away that ‘Can’t wait ‘til summer’ feeling, but I hope they will help pass the time, and get you through the winter blahs.  On the bright side, it may be freezing with a foot of snow outside, but at least there are no black flies or mosquitoes to contend with!

Your friend in fishing!!

Mike Williams, Pro Angler & Owner of Williams Outfitters in Curve Lake First Nation   
Mike Williams is a professional angler with over 20 years of guiding and tournament experience. He is 4-time Top Bass Angler of the year, 2-time CSFL Classic champion (to name just a few) and a Featured TV Co-host on Canadian Sport Fishing with Italo Labignan and on the Fly Fisher with Bill Spicer.


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