HitcHinge: Safer and Easier

Andy Assinck decided there needed to be safer and easier ways to install and remove docks every season. After 35 years as a design builder in the Kawarthas, Andy developed a simple but revolutionary dock coupling system that is self-supporting, child and pet friendly; plus, silent!

The HitcHinge offers a simple process that supports the ramp/bridge loads in alignment while actuating from above decking with a single tool. The hinges are completely self-contained, that means no parts to lose, misplace, or drop in frigid waters. This also allows folks to remove and or install a dock with ease. “No need to swim after a lost part again!” says Assinck

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“The HitcHinge uses gravity instead of a balancing act between loads and flotation, counter balancing between wind, weight and waves to connect dock sections,” says Assinck, owner of HitcHinge.ca. “Once installed on your dock or ramps, unlike traditional systems, you can make the gap small enough to become worry-free, safer for children and pets and still leave room for wave and wind movement, based on your location.” 

HitcHinge is a well-engineered product, stamped and designed with inner bushings resulting in durability and silent operation. With “no metal on metal” there is little noise from the hardware when the dock moves with the waves, and wind equaling a quiet and peaceful waterfront.

HitcHinge is used in pairs, and can be easily installed into new and existing docks, often replacing the hinges that are already there. There are a large selection of hinge components for mixing opposing halves, with a variety of bolt sizes and bolt patterns to meet your custom needs. 

“You simply place the hitch over the hinge and spin it in!”

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