Hanging Your Christmas Lights Like a Pro

The festive season is just around the corner – if time allows, hang your lights now. Warmer weather makes what can be a detailed and tedious task much easier, and you don’t have to fight the snow and frigid temperatures.

WHERE: Determine your layout and design. Measure the total length required and compare this to the stock of lights that you have on hand, top up if needed.

TIP: Untangle each string of lights you plan to use. Lay them out and test them all prior to hanging. Most replacement bulbs are available at your local hardware store.

POWER: Determine your power source. Most homes have exterior GFCI outlets which should be your first choice. Start with a timer or at minimum a surge protected power bar, for safety.

TOOLS: The most important item is a safe ladder, and one that is appropriate for the areas you plan to decorate. Gloves and safety glasses are always a good idea.

MOUNTING CLIPS: There are many types of mounting clips available. All-in-one clips typically work for most applications such as the eaves trough or shingles. Always have extra clips. They are usually plastic and break easily, especially when cold.

Start by installing 10-20 feet of clips, then follow behind with the light strings. Install one length at a time, and connect later – it’s simply easier.

Continue until all areas are complete and do a test run. Adjust the spacing and look for a balanced design.

SPECIAL EFFECTS: Flood lights and special effect lights are also very popular and can really complete the look.

Animated and inflatable decorations are also a big hit, and should run from a separate power source if possible.

SAFETY TIP: If you are using regular bulbs, make sure that they are not in contact with anything flammable.

Once everything is complete, stand back, smile, and think of the enjoyment that your friends will receive from your artistic efforts.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!

Our Resident DIY Guru; Dave Linkert, Port 32 Marshall Homes, Bobcaygeon cottagecountryDIYdave@gmail.com