Hanging Christmas Tree

Every year we make sure to add something new to our collection of Christmas decorations. Sometimes we make things, and sometimes it’s something like a new strand of lights, or another garland. This year we made something new – the kids loved decorating a second ‘tree’.

We used sticks we had pruned from one of the trees in our yard, but it would add to the adventure to go out on a walk to find the perfect sticks to make your hanging tree. You will need enough sticks that you can trim them to make the multi-level shape of your tree. I then used fine wire to attach them. I started at the bottom with the largest stick and worked my way to the top of the tree. You could also use string or twine for more movement in your creation. Be sure to make a loop at the top of the tree so it can be hung up. 

Once I had all the branches attached the kids were able to decorate it. We used decorations we found at the dollar store, or decorations that didn’t make it onto our family Christmas tree. Tie on each decoration with a little bit of thread or fishing line. Another option, if your tree will be close enough to an outlet, is to add lights.

Help your kids get creative, there are so many ideas on Pinterest or in craft books for fantastic Christmas decorations you could make yourself and use for the tree. Maybe decorate the tree with other finds from a walk in the woods; pinecones, moss, leaves. The possibilities are endless.

Emily Ireland