Got Weeds?

Long cold winters leave cottagers looking forward to summer and swimming, but as the weather warms up, weeds become noticeable. Aquatic weeds are taking over the shorelines in many Ontario lakes and waterways, and can become so bad that swimming isn’t enjoyable, or even safe.

Weeds B Gone offers solutions to eliminate unwanted aquatic weeds with services and products that solve problems like excessive vegetation in water. Over the past twenty years, they have acquired a reputation for delivering excellent customer service, and are very proud of that.

Weeds B Gone has made significant contributions to improving water quality by installing continuous laminar flow inversion oxygenation systems; a land based compressor with sinkable tubing running to 5 non turbulent micro porous diffusers.

Muck at the bottom of lakes provides perfect breeding grounds for unwanted plants. Adding natural, beneficial bacteria and enzymes to consume the muck works two-fold; enzymes eat the muck, bugs eat the enzymes and fish eat the bugs. Without the adverse environmental impacts of chemicals, aeration systems are the most natural and effective long-term solution to water quality problems – they can result in a 4″ to 6″ reduction of bottom muck per year; less weeds, cleaner water, more fish and a better overall waterfront experience. The Weeds B Gone Do It Yourself Screening Kit is also a great way to control weed growth on your own.

The most immediate elimination of weeds is to have them harvested. Weeds B Gone uses a Mobi-Track to harvest weeds and clean them out of the water; you can be swimming weed-free the same day.

Whether enlisting their services, products, or both, Weeds B Gone works hard to make sure that customers receive the specific results they want.

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