Getting Your Dog Outside This Winter

Getting your dog outside in the winter for work and play is good exercise and lots of fun, it also helps to avoid bad indoor behaviour!

If your dog is used to getting outside every day, it’s important to keep that routine going–even in the winter. For most dogs, not getting enough time outside is a recipe for trouble. A lack of exercise and mental stimulation can leave your dog feeling bored and restless; and a bored dog is much more likely to get into mischief.

Signs Of A Bored Or Restless Dog

If your dog is misbehaving it could be a sign that he isn’t being physically and mentally challenged enough.  A bored or restless dog is more like to:

• Chew furniture, shoes, or pillows

• Nose around in trash cans or cupboards

• Bark and jump

• Beg you for attention

• Whether it’s June or January, taking your dog outside is a sure-fire cure to doggy boredom. So, bundle up and get out there!

Training In The Snow Is Fun And Challenging For Your Dog

Playing with your dog indoors is great. Obedience training, mini-agility courses, and even fetch are all possible in a house or apartment. But, can your dog really run and let loose inside? Probably not. No matter how much you hate the cold, you can’t stay inside all winter. Getting your dog outside in the winter is a must!

Benefits Of Training In The Snow

If you’re looking for an easy and stimulating way to burn your dog’s energy there’s not much that beats playing or training in the snow!

• The deeper the snow, the harder your dog will have to work to walk, run and jump through it.

• The world becomes a game of hide-and-seek when it snows! Your dog can smell things but must search around to find them. This can make walks and
even free time in your backyard very mentally stimulating.

• Commands and tricks that are old-hat to your dog become more challenging.

• The snow is fun and exciting!

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