Get Ready for Spring

Top 12 LIST

You know it’s that time of year again – time to get your house back in shape and prepare it for the nice weather. If you are having a hard time deciding where to start, here is a list of the Top 12 ‘around the house’ spring chores to do this season.

1. Exterior RepairsInspect the outside of your home – your roof, steps and deck – for any damage which may have occurred, such as loose or missing shingles, evidence of leaks, cracks in seals, or rotting boards etc.

2. Yard Clean Up Remove burlap from trees and shrubs and prune away winter-killed branches to make room for new growth. Cut back and divide perennials as needed and clean up your garden beds.

3. WindowsBoth the inside and outside of your windows will need to be washed. And don’t forget the screens.

4. The DrivewayPower wash your driveway, removing mildew and discoloration. Also coat your driveway with driveway sealer if needed.

5. Lawn Care – Lightly rake up dead grass and leftover leaves remaining on the surface, and apply spring fertilizer.

6. Check DetectorsTest out your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace the batteries.

7. Furnace Air Filter  Replace your filter and, if needed, schedule a furnace cleaning.

8. Declutter/OrganizeSort through closets, drawers, cupboards etc. and throw out and recycle what you don’t need or use regularly. Organize areas like kids’ toys and the piles of paperwork!

9. Garage SaleOnce you have sorted through your home and decluttered, plan a garage sale or street sale to find new homes for what you no longer need.

10. EavestroughsClean out your eavestroughs and check for any needed repairs like holes or reattaching downspouts, and make sure they are directing water away from the building.

11. Air Conditioner  Get your cooling system ready before the heat hits! Arrange for an annual check-up. Take off the cover, trim away any shrubs from the unit, and make sure its drain line isn’t clogged.

12. Clean Clean CleanDo every area of the inside of your home – sweep, mop, dust, polish wood, wash walls and baseboards, vacuum/carpet clean, clean out the fridge, etc., leaving your home sparkling clean and fresh and ready to enjoy spring.