Free Up Space with Gliding Shelf

The solution to your cottage cupboard blues.

You know this scenario: the whole family is coming to the cottage for the weekend. That means more meal prep, larger portions requiring bigger pots…now where is that stockpot you haven’t used in…well, never?

It’s probably in the lower cabinet, way at the back, or up on top of the wall cabinet, out of reach. You’d like to be able to make better use of your kitchen cupboards, but who wants their summer spoiled by a full-scale kitchen reno, and the costs associated with it?

Gliding Shelf has the answer to your storage problems – they can double, triple, perhaps even quadruple the storage space in less than a day, simply by redesigning the interior of your cabinetry. They can even turn that useless little closet into a fully functioning pantry!

They achieve this by retrofitting your existing cabinetry – installing custom pull-out drawer systems which allow you easy access to your cookware, gadgets and canned goods.

Their unique system offers you the choice of fully finished white melamine or Baltic birch shelves. The latter has a shelf capacity of up to 100 lbs., and both are mounted on a commercial grade rail system which allows for full extension on the glide. 

Tyler Rushlow, the owner and innovator of Gliding Shelf in Havelock ON, says that home and cottage owners have spent a lot of time in their kitchens over the past year or so, experimenting with new recipes, new ingredients, and a whole new generation of gadgets and cookware. Most of them don’t want the clutter on their countertops, but want easy access when they are ready to cook. The Gliding Shelf system provides the solution.

“We can take a standard cabinet with two shelves, and put in three, maybe even four pull-out drawers, maximizing the space and customizing it for the client’s specific requirements,” Rushlow explains, adding “Following the initial consultation the new system is ready in two to three weeks, and it’s installed in less than a day and at a fraction of the cost of a reno.”

Now bring on the next family weekend at the cottage!
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