Four Points Construction: Building Your Home for Generations to Come!

There is something to be said for pride of craftsmanship which goes beyond well-placed “bricks-and-mortar”. When that pride encompasses not only the bones of the build, but rather extends to consider the building’s place in its surroundings – its relationship to the land, the rocks and trees on which, and amongst which, it will sit – the builder is inviting the homeowner on a journey towards the creation of a family legacy.

Such is the ethos of Four Points Construction.

They believe they have created some of the most spectacular homes in cottage country, and with good reason. Working only with the best tradespeople in the area – people and businesses with whom they have established a mutual trust and respect – Four Points Construction build custom cottages; unique, finely-detailed and well-crafted.

Defining themselves as a boutique construction company, they are selective of the projects upon which they embark. Their “limited edition” business model guides them to take on only a limited number of projects each year. This enables them to dedicate all their resources to creating something very special for their clients. The attention to detail for which Four Points Construction is known cannot be rushed. 

Four Points Construction understands that each client, each family, is unique. They also understand that what they are creating is a legacy which will likely pass down through generations. It will be the family hub, their own unique space wherein they will establish traditions, make memories and create the story of their lives. Four Points Construction take this responsibility to heart and consider it an honour to become part of each family’s story.

Defined by their clients as easy-going, the Four Points Construction team does their best to create a no-pressure environment for them. From the very first meeting through to handing over the keys at the completion of the project, there is never a question about the sanctity of the relationship between builder and client – preserving that, is job one.

They specialize in distinctive designs, challenging construction and fine finishing details which truly create a one-of-a-kind cottage home for a discerning clientele. Designed and built specifically for the landscape on which it will sit, each beautiful home will settle into and become part of its environment, while meeting the unique needs of the people who will inhabit it, becoming a gathering place for family and friends for generations to come.

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