Fall Decor Inspiration

Fall decorating can be a lot of fun!
What other time of year can you confidently accent with turkeys, pumpkins, witches and crows?
Normally we remove cobwebs from our homes, not add them!

Traditionally outdoor decor for October consists of straw bales, corn stalks and mums.  Consider adding in ornamental cabbage or kale for a subtle splash of colour.  These beautiful potted plants add fantastic texture, provide great shadows on a wall if illuminated with strings of lights or a spotlight, and can be part of the landscape well into November.  They usually freeze in place and look amazing even with pine and cedar boughs – like a rosette in the middle of the arrangement!  

You don’t have to add only small touches – you can go BIG!  If you have access to an abundance of gourds (if not, why not grow them next year?), secure an empty obelisk into a fresh pot of soil and fill the obelisk on the inside with gourds.  Mix up the colours and directions they are sitting, so they are all askew and whimsical.  Or, add a number of pumpkins (brilliant orange or the subtle and classy white “ghost” pumpkins) in various sizes on the steps to your porch or front entrance.  Try one or two, in various sizes, on each step and tuck in a few potted mums for floral accent.

Unless your home is huge, your indoor decor projects should be small.  Bringing real leaves into your home can be messy, but very effective on the day of a party.  To the arrangement on a table or in a vase, wind some grapevine and even some bittersweet collected from a walk in the woods.  A basket with pinecones and gourds mixed together works in a country inspired home, or go modern with a sleek glass hurricane vase one-third filled with un-popped popcorn kernels, or nuts or candy-corn and a candle resting on top.

Let your imagination guide you as you create your own fall décor.

By Vikki Whitney, Owner of Griffin’s Greenhouses
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