Explore Douro / Warsaw

The villages of Douro and Warsaw reside within Douro-Dummer Township, which spans a large diverse area between Stoney Lake and Highway 7. Both small settlements have a lot of heart and are lovely to visit on a road trip, especially when you get hungry.

In between, you will find Warsaw Caves, a great spot to explore and work up an appetite. Its series of interconnected caves gives you a range of adventures, whether you like the small tight spaces or the larger caverns underground.

The caves can be found inside the Warsaw Caves Conservation Area, which offers places to hike, play or lunch above ground as well. This is also a popular destination for cycling groups due to the rolling hills.

The Indian River, which flows through the township, disappears beneath the ground as it falls into underground channels caused by the collapsed limestone layers around the caves. Glacial melting carved the caves out of the soft stone 12,000 years ago, leaving a treasure for the whole family to enjoy. Be sure to bring a flashlight for each spelunker (cave explorer). 

Once you’ve had your fill of fresh air, you can refuel at restaurants in Warsaw, Young’s Point or McCracken’s Landing, depending on which direction you take. If you go due west of the village of Douro, you’ll find the new Kawartha Buttertart Factory at the crossroads of County Roads 4 and 28. The bakery has a selection of sweets for which this area is known: traditional and decadent tarts, plus tea biscuits, pies, breads, cookies, muffins, squares and fritters. Go ahead and treat yourself.

And if your cravings are running to something more, check out Chuck Wagon BBQ, located just south on Hwy. 28, behind the Douro Arena – sink your teeth into their trend-setting pulled pork, brisket, ribs and so much more. You won’t go away hungry, and you will be back.

Treats & Eats

  • Chuck Wagon BBQ
  • Kawartha Buttertart Factory
  • S & B Food Mart

Things to do

  • Douro Park
  • Trent-Severn Waterway, Lock 24 – Douro
  • Warsaw Caves Falls
  • Mark S. Burnham 
  • Ecoforest Trails
  • Warsaw Caves