Easy Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

In this issue I will suggest a few easy ways to give your kitchen a facelift without it costing a bundle, and offer up some ideas so that you can do it yourself.

Let’s face it; the kitchen is the main congregating area in most homes, so it deserves to look good and be functional for you. There are several ways to update your kitchen without the need for a full replacement and the cost that goes with it.

New door and drawer pulls can make a drastic change, and it’s relatively easy for the homeowner to complete. Different handles can have different hole patterns so either match to the existing pattern or simply drill new holes – carefully and precisely, of course. Painting the doors, drawers and/or the bodies of cabinets will always change the whole feel of the room. If you are going to paint, make sure to use a high-quality primer and paint. Your paint supplier can suggest the best products and applicators for the job.

If painting is not an option for you, there are many suppliers that can set you up with all-new doors and drawer fronts to fit what you have. They can be ordered unfinished or finished to match your style. Adding a pantry cabinet is always a great idea if you have the space, too.

Solid surface counter tops have quickly become the standard and with such a variety of materials, colors and profiles, you will find exactly what you want, and it will make a huge difference to your kitchen. Even new lighting changes a room, and it is easy to do.

A favourite of mine is to add a tile backsplash. Tile selection is so extensive, and whether you use a brick pattern, stacked or even herringbone, with a few basic tools in hand you will be able to do it yourself. Tile saws and grinders are available for rent if you don’t have, or want to buy them.

Last one, also a favourite, a new faucet! This is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your kitchen and with such a variety of style to choose from, I’m sure that you will find one to suit your needs and your price range.

I hope that some of these ideas inspire you during your kitchen facelift, and please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Our Resident DIY Guru; Dave Linkert, Port 32 Marshall Homes, Bobcaygeon