Don’t Miss an Ounce of Summer!

Fun on the water – the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and practice physical distancing. Do it on a kayak, stand-up paddleboard, or behind the boat on a surf board.  

Want to try something new and fun?  Try out a Hobie Eclipse board – this is a stand-up paddle board that also has a pedal-drive system that propels you with a stepping device, like a stair master on the water.  The Hobie Eclipse board is a great workout, it is super stable, and fun for all ages! We also carry the Hobie pedal kayak which has the same pedal-drive as the eclipse system – you drive the boat by pedalling with your feet in the kayak; hands-free kayaking for fishing, and great exercise! 

standup paddle boardAnother great new water toy is called the Zup Board. This board is great for the whole family, you can stand, kneel, sit, ski, or surf – this board does it all! Guaranteed success, the Zup board will get everyone up first try… ok maybe not everyone, but you get the idea. Super easy, and super fun for everyone!

For the more expert water sports enthusiasts we have the new wake/surf foil boards. This is a foil that sits below the water, and has a mast with a wake surf board above that you stand on. The foil board can be self propelled or towed slowly behind the boat. The foil rides in the water and feels like you are flying above the surface of the water. It takes a bit to get the hang of the foil’s sweet spot. We recommend googling a video on how to foil; Shaun Murray has a great one on YouTube. This water sport is mind blowing when you try it for the first time!

Water trampolines and accessories have come a long way; there are so many options available from climbers to runways with massive slides; you can piece together a complete park that can anchor in the lake. No summer camps? No problem – keep them busy and happy this summer with your own setup on the lake. Plus, at Cottage Toys we know the how and what to do when it comes to the install. It’s easier than you think to set up this type of toy season after season, and if you buy a good quality one you will never need to replace it!

Need some advice? Give us a call, and we can help guide you through the options available, and what is right for you and your family. Don’t wait until summer, inventories are limited.  

Cottage Toys is celebrating 32 years in business in the Kawarthas, with three stores located in Peterborough, Lakefield and Stoney Lake. You can also buy online and pickup in store at 

Cottage Toys is serious about fun and can fill all of your needs for fun on the water. Be summer ready, don’t miss an ounce of summer 2021!