Do it the Easy Way with HitcHinge

The time of year is creeping up when getting the dock back in the water gets to the top of your to-do list. Spring water is cold – and getting the dock back in can be an enormous job. 

Andy Assinck has completed the arduous task of installing and removing the dock, preparing for seasonal changes, and he knew there had to be a better way – so he made one! Andy was able to create a dock coupling system which is self supporting and self aligning, allowing folks to remove or install their dock with ease. 

The HitcHinge is a revolutionary dock coupler with self contained parts, offering a simple process that supports the dock ramp load in alignment while you tighten the bolts into place. This also means no loose parts to drop in the lake! In order to provide a friendly dock surface the HitcHinge allows for only a small 1 ½” gap between sections depending on your dock system.

A typical dock hinge has you fishing for pins in your pockets, all while trying to hold your dock and ramp in line long enough to get the pin or bolt into place. HitcHinge is designed to use gravity instead of a balancing act between loads, flotation, wind and waves to connect the sections of your dock. This also means no lost pieces – you simply transfer weight from one side to the other and the HitchHinge connects as you tighten in the self-contained bolt with a single tool. 

Change the way you do things with your dock this season, and get that dock in with as little sweat as possible. You can use all the time you save to sit on the dock savouring the nature that surrounds you. 

Canadian-made HitcHinge is quickly becoming a well-known name in Cottage Country; with ease of use, and impeccable build, it isn’t hard to see why people are falling in love with the ease of HitcHinge!