Do I Really Need A Lift for My Boat?

This is a question we at R&J Machine get asked often. Whether you have purchased a new boat or personal watercraft, or you already have one, a lift is a great investment. Here are some reasons why a boat lift is so important to protect that investment, while extending the life of your boat. 

Boats can be stored in the water for the summer months, however over time this can cause deterioration of the exterior of your boat; blisters on the hull, damage to the lower unit as well as algae build up. By storing your boat on a lift, its appearance will be protected and you will save on costly repairs, improving its resale value.

A boat lift offers protection against fluctuating water levels, and from storms and floating debris.  A lift keeps your boat high and dry during a storm, and protects it from

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damage caused by banging against your dock, or taking on too much water.

A boat lift will also assist a driver when launching or docking during windy or rough conditions. A lift stabilizes the boat, and full length side guides and carpeted bunks guide your boat onto the lift safely.

R&J Machine is local manufacturer of boat lifts for all types of boats/watercraft and water conditions. They offer standalone units for beside a dock, or overhead lifts for in a boathouse.  R&J Machine has lifts which can operate manually, or with an A/C or D/C motor, depending on your shoreline power.

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