Design a Holiday Home Atmosphere that will Last Forever

At the GreenUP Store and Resource Center, we love high-quality gifts and home goods that last, no matter the season. We are aware that your home and cottage needs are just like the needs of the environment that your home is built on – low-impact and pro-climate. Plus, just like the connections between flora and fauna in protected nature, our gifts will help you feel more grounded to those connections you’ve built around you.

Your cottage can be as unique as beautifully crafted environmentally-friendly products. Standing out from the crowd may mean creating a ‘green’ holiday – amidst the beautiful falling snowflakes this winter season. Shopping local can be an impactful way of reducing your carbon footprint, by decreasing the mileage that your gifts travel before getting to the store. Gifts and supplies from GreenUP are local, low-waste, and built to withstand the years, which decreases the amount of waste in and around your home.

Giving the gift of care this season to your cottage doesn’t just extend to the friends and family enjoying the space. By setting up a composting, recycling, and rain barrel* system, you become a caretaker of the land that your home or cottage is on, throughout all four seasons. Asking your local green resource center for advice on making eco-friendly cottage or home changes can make the process of ‘greening your holiday’ merry and joyful.

Before the holiday season, visit the GreenUP Store and Resource Center at 378 Aylmer Street in Peterborough, where you can find our friendly staff ready to help you choose the best sustainable products for your cottage. Come in for:

Stocking Stuffers

Critter Cards, Coffee and Candles

Local honey and Maple Syrup

Children’s Toys and Books

Sustainable Homeware

…and more gifts that will surprise you!

Open Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-4pm.

* There are subsidies available for Peterborough Utilities Customers or Selwyn Township Residents to purchase rain barrels, which means that caring for the environment into the spring is affordable, too.