Dark Sky Friendly Lighting

Too often, outdoor lighting installations that come on at night are over lit, left on when not needed, and harmful to the environment. As a result, light pollution is a growing issue which can negatively affect our environment and impact our quality of life. 

A1 Lighting has a dedicated business model allowing their clients access to green technology in the form of on-grid and hybrid solar and wind LED technologies.

Lighting was always a passion for founder and president Harry Friedrich, who established his successful electrical contracting company in 1975. Over the years, as the world around him changed, Harry realized the impact he could have as more than just a business owner and lighting specialist.  He realized that his company could actually impact the environment on a global scale; and so he introduced A1’s energy efficiency program.  

Harry’s research developed motion and dimming light sensors to reduce electricity consumption and maintenance costs, and extend the operational life of LED lights. 

A1 boasts a team of dedicated lighting professionals with over 165 years of combined industry experience, offering cost effective, innovative “turn key” solutions to commercial lighting challenges.

A1 Lighting offers FREE energy audits and takes the extra step to educate clients about government efficiency rebates.

With a goal to promote less light pollution A1 Lighting have shared their five principles for responsible outdoor lighting. 

1) USEFUL – All lights should have a clear purpose. Consider how the use of lights will impact wildlife and the environment.

2) TARGETED – Light should be directed only where needed.

3) LOW LIGHT LEVELS – Light should be no brighter than necessary. Use the lowest light level required. 

4) CONTROLLED – Use controls such as timers and motion detectors to ensure that light is available when it is needed, dimmed when possible and turned off when not needed.

5) COLOUR – Use warmer colour lights when possible. Limit the amount of shorter wavelength (blue-violet) light to the least amount needed. 

By applying these principals, properly designed solar and LED lighting at night can be beautiful, healthy, environmentally friendly and functional.

A1 Lighting want to help you design or retrofit your home and cottage outdoor lighting in a cost-effective manner – call them today!

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