Creekside Construction Services

While a family cottage can be a rewarding getaway for generations, taking the first steps towards constructing a custom build can be daunting. Perhaps a new work situation has made it possible to work remotely, and a plot of land is waiting for a home to replace the city condo. Creekside Construction Services brings decades of building experience to Ontario, and there has never been a better time to break ground on a new building project.

In 2016, after constructing hundreds of cottages and homes for residents all across Ontario over the past 30 years, Steve Durand decided it was time to build his dream home. He owned a plot of land, and had the capability to navigate permit acquisitions, produce blueprints, and break ground – all while working side by side with the Ministry of Natural Resources to ensure that the local ecosystem was preserved throughout the build process. 

As the interior paint dried and the furniture was being moved in, it was time for Steve to enjoy a sense of satisfaction at a job well done. But, one question remained – why hadn’t he been doing it this way all along? Creekside Construction Services was born in that moment, inspired by the property surrounding his new home. 

Steve explains, “I have worked with every type of contractor available in Ontario over the years, and I’ve been able to build a network of trusted partnerships that allow for my clients to experience a start-to-finish construction management service. My first Creekside client signed our deal on my kitchen counter… it’s easy to share in a client’s dream when they’re standing in mine.” 

living room with brick fireplaceEach client is different, which is why Creekside offers a suite of packages with the flexibility to suit the job at hand. Site evaluations, budgeting services and permit acquisition are the first steps in any build, and are covered by the Creekside project management service. For clients who have existing shell packages, Creekside’s construction management services can ensure transparent building services, interior design and amenities, and even septic and well installation. Finally, for clients who come to the counter with a dream and a plot of land, Creekside offers a turnkey package that unites the project and construction services into a start-to-finish build.

“This year has presented different sets of challenges for every industry. Throughout the adjustments that we’ve been making to our processes to ensure the health and safety of those involved in our projects, we’ve actually noticed that more people are breaking ground on new builds. Life outside of the big cities is becoming a realistic choice for many, as folks choose to work remotely.” 

Construction in cottage country has always presented unique challenges, which is why partnerships with trusted contractors ensure a timely and transparent construction project. Dwaine Fisher, of Fisher Excavating and Grading, has worked with Steve and with Creekside for several years. The company has been able to leverage its custom fleet of equipment to tackle shoreline and island jobs in the most remote settings.

“That’s a great example of the challenges that come with building a cottage. We’ve helped a lot of clients build their family’s dream cottages, and Fisher’s relationship with the Kawartha Region Conservation Authority has allowed us to make sure the sites remain beautiful for the next generation”. 

A partnership with Creekside Construction Services ensures you peace of mind throughout your project, and will put you on a fast track towards the satisfaction of a job well done. 

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