Cozy Comforts: 5 of 2023’s Top Trends To Watch

There are some interesting interior trends looming on the horizon, with many roads leading back to the concept of comfort. “Home” took on a whole new meaning and heightened importance in recent years, as we increasingly found ourselves seeking spaces to retire, recharge and regroup. Here are five fresh takes on the cozy cocoon, as we prepare to usher in 2023!

Warm Neutrals: The ever-popular neutral colour palette will continue to reign in 2023, but the new year will present a warmer, friendlier take on the cool white and grey tones of the past. The new neutral leans into gentle pink and cream undertones, lending a cozier look and feel to living areas, bedrooms and baths. Further cranking up the heat, trending rose and blush accents will be complemented by an infusion of organic materials and textures – more on that below!

Sensory Design: This subset of interior design engages all the senses beyond just visual awareness, and when done effectively, it boosts intimacy. Sensory design leverages touch, sound, smell and taste, and interior designers are increasingly factoring these elements into their projects. New and interesting textures are surfacing in a raw, earthy and organic form, with natural materials and finishes touching everything from flooring to furniture, in a not-so-subtle nod to our outside environments.

Repetition: Subconsciously, repetition comforting and creates a sense of familiarity

Thus, rhythmic patterns and textures promise to be another important influence in relation to textiles, wallcoverings, flooring and furniture, taking shape as manufactured and organic patterns alike. Expect to see everything from rigid geometric motifs and rolling wave after wave, to naturally occurring wood grains, marble veins and dappled stone – on repeat!

Organic Curves: Say “goodbye” to the square corners and sharp edges of the minimalist era, and “hello” to curved forms, which are primed to dominate 2023. Uninterrupted lines will bring a calm and effortless air to our interiors, with sculptural, swooping lines influencing architecture and furniture trends, and subtle curved edges and rounded corners resulting in a softer, gentler aesthetic on everything from lighting to hardware.

Functional, purposeful design will continue to be top of mind – functional today and for the future. People are spending longer time in their homes. In the past, the average stretch for ownership of a property before reselling it was five years, and now it’s between seven and 10. People are also spending more time in the home on a day-to-day basis, and when the time comes, more are opting to age in place. This trend puts a special focus on integrations that will embrace the homeowner’s evolving lifestyle as time passes, such as flex spaces, built-in smart features and technology, and creature comforts that make you feel “at home.” It puts practicality first, with an eye to longevity, but what does this trend look like from an aesthetic perspective? Think features and finishes that age gracefully in the face of the trend du jour.

“Home” is many things to many people, but the definition commonly includes words such as warm, welcoming, cozy, comfortable and personal. This isn’t changing anytime soon, with 2023’s most influential interiors taking shape as friendly and familiar environments that look and feel like home…..

by Designer Diana Rose