Convenient and Safe Propane Fireplaces

Cozying up to a fireplace is not only comforting but a convenient, efficient and safe way to heat your home.

Most fireplaces run at 70 to 80 % efficiency, meaning that is how much of the fuel consumed is converted to usable heat. A propane fireplace can help keep your heating costs low by providing extra warmth to the areas in your home used most. With a modern, efficient fireplace in those rooms, you can cut your heating load because you won’t have to keep your whole home system running on high.

The convenience of fireplace venting being able to go through walls or through the roof allows for numerous location options in the home. The ease of on/off controls and an ever-present fuel supply gives instant heat. Power outages? No worries! Fireplaces are designed to run without electricity, and will radiate heat for long periods of time.

Very little maintenance is required with propane fireplaces, although it is recommended that you get a yearly cleaning to maintain efficiency and warranty. 

Now to the most important attribute of propane fireplaces – safety features.  The combustion units on propane fireplaces are sealed, offering little chance for combustion gases to spill into the room, all units are smokeless and keep air inside clean, and most units come with safety shields to protect from the heat of the glass or ceramic on the fireplace. 

A bonus with propane fireplaces is that the propane itself is clean burning, with low greenhouse emissions. 

Propane can be delivered to almost anywhere with approved storage set-up, and can be used to power many home appliances, including dryers, kitchen appliances, water heaters, house heating, pools, spas as well as fireplaces. 

We are here to help, so call British Empire Fuels if you are interested in more information on propane fireplaces.  Stay warm.

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