Colourful Bubbles

Beautiful weather is on its way! Nothing says warm weather like blowing bubbles. Combining two of our favourite things in this house we have found a new favorite!

To make these fun bubble blowers you will need a handful of straws, tape, bubble solution, food colouring and lots of paper.

Tape five or six straws tightly together in a bunch. We had some fun zebra print tape and it made our bubble blowers look pretty funky! (Remember the straw bunches need to fit into your little ones mouth to let them blow, so keep the bunches on the smaller side)

Fill a few small dishes with liquid bubbles, but just enough to cover the bottom of the container. We used plastic containers from the recycling. Drop one or two drops of food colouring into each container. Mix them up but try not to make the solution frothy, the bubbles seemed to work best when the liquid stayed smooth.

Line up sheets of paper along a table or flat surface. We lined ours up along the deck. Dip and lightly blow your coloured bubbles onto the paper. Once the bubbles pop they leave a lovely pattern on the paper. The more colours the more detailed you can make your bubble designs!

Emily Ireland

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