Chic Chalet

Christmas in the Kawarthas, what a wonderful time of year we have to look forward to!

Once the colourful display of leaves has drifted to the ground for yet another year, many Canadians turn their attention to the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holiday season. With this being considered one of the busiest seasons of our calendar year, it is oh-so-nice to have supportive surroundings and systems in place to keep the stress out of the equation and the focus on the magic of the festivities. And, like many of us, one of the highlights at this time of year may include hosting friends and family.

Here at Birchview Design Inc. our recently completed Spruce Court project showcases a few fun details to add to your wish list when updating your home or cottage, ensuring hosting for the holidays (or any time of year!) is a breeze…

Spacious, yet cozy

The perfect juxtaposition; spaciousness without any loss of coziness is completely attainable with the right design direction. Starting with visions of high ceilings, plenty of natural light sources, and an open concept floor plan, look to layer in grounding details such as ceiling and wall treatments, beautiful focal points (bonus if this features a fireplace!) a moody colour palette, and plenty of texture in your finishes and furniture selections to evoke all of those perfectly inviting feels.

Hidden organization

The kitchen still remains the hub of the home and with open concept spaces you may find your guests congregating in this area the most (especially if you are known for serving delicious hors d’oeuvres). When envisioning an update to your space, be sure to think not only of the finishes such as cabinet colour, countertop material, hardware and lighting; but what’s inside the cabinets as well. A few of our top requests are pullout spice and oil racks, cutlery and utensil organizers, built-in appliances, and plenty of pantry storage. Keeping track of what you would find helpful in your layout when you use your kitchen daily will help a designer curate the space specifically for your unique lifestyle.

Easy Access

As with the benefits of hidden storage and organization, we also love opting to have pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing out in the open for quick and easy access. Charcuterie boards are a perfect example. Layering these with your favourite local cheeses, fruits, meats, and pickled goods creates the ultimate graze-and-go station for your guests. Or, if you are feeling adventurous; try out the newest trend – butter boards!

Plentiful Seating & Cozy Layers

Once your guests have been welcomed into your space with delicious food and their drink of choice; it’s time for the most important part; sitting down and getting comfortable. Thinking ahead to ensure you have enough seating for the number of guests, plus areas that naturally encourage conversation will help your guests feel more at home. Layer in comfy pillows and throws to kick back with, and they may never want to leave!

Our Spruce Court project was in partnership with O’Reilly Custom Homes & Construction and photographed by Ash Adams of Flashback Photo Co.

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