Built to Perfection with Four Points Construction

Four Points Construction continues to set itself apart by setting the bar high, not just in residential builds but also in larger commercial projects. 

When Cottage Toys needed a new, permanent location in Lakefield, they wanted to make a statement. Owner Donna Rork had a vision fifteen years ago when she bought the property and working with the Four Points team, she was finally able to achieve it.

Matt Moore, from Four Points, describes the build: 

“It’s a beautiful barn-style with wood exterior, 

timber detail on the entranceway, beam work inside 

to complement the rustic finishes, and lots of room 

for Donna to create great displays and really market the Cottage Toys brand.” 

He adds “They are at one of the main intersections in Lakefield, so they will get lots of exposure, especially with the great curb appeal of this new building. They now have an outdoor shopping area, and the wow factor of the building is a plus.”

The project came together quickly – they put shovels in the ground in August 2021, and Cottage Toys opened their doors to the public in May 2022. Moore admits there were challenges, beginning with an old creek bed which ran through the footprint of the building, and which had to be contended with before work could begin on the basement.

As Four Points look forward to celebrating their 10th year in business, Moore takes a moment to reflect on the early years when he and partner Tim Fosbery started out. “We began as subcontractors, doing small projects and building up our reputation as the company which always brings its A-game to every build. We knew we were contenders and once we began working the marketing angle, getting more exposure, things began to happen.”

Happen indeed – the company has fifteen substantial builds to its credit, along with numerous projects like boathouses, additions, etc., and current projects are keeping its large crew busy year ‘round.

As for the future, Moore says “We just keep on keepin’ on, doing our best. We get a lot of referrals from our customers as well as repeat business which speaks well of the service we provide and the level of customer satisfaction we are able to achieve.”

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