Bringing Southern Barbecue to Cottage Country

Cory Wannamaker loves to cook. More accurately, he loves to barbecue, and he has brought his passion to the most unlikely of places – a food truck located behind the Douro Community Centre.

When talking about his love of creating great food, he says he was “in and out of restaurants for a number of years”. Together with his wife, Rebecca, he dreamed of eventually getting his own place. Then he met up with Ryan and Amy Sloan, who shared in that dream; Cory and Ryan went into business together, although he credits their wives with being “the cogs that keep the wheels turning”. He adds, “Amy works with me during the week, and Ryan and Rebecca come in on the weekends, and we just get it done.”

Cory knew exactly what he wanted to cook. “I take Southern Barbecue and work it into non-traditional dishes. If you took a southern guy who poutinegrew up around smokers, and then sent him around the world he would cook what is available, his way. That’s what we do at Chuckwagon BBQ.”

The next hurdle was finding a location. “We were struggling to find a spot, and then the location behind the Douro Community Centre became available,” Cory explains. “We thought we’d give it a try, to get started – it’s a little bit out of the way, but with the amazing community support we have received, we can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Using only wood-fired cookers – maple, oak, sometimes fruit woods – they create mouthwatering southern barbecue fusion food to please even the most discerning palate. Their best sellers are brisket (Cory’s favourite) and their fried chicken sandwich.

“Everything is a work in progress, and we are constantly trying to improve upon what we have. When COVID hit, we weren’t sure what would happen, but we started doing custom freezer packs, which have been really popular. They’re great for the home freezer, or to take up to the cottage,” he says as he talks about how the business is evolving.

They put so much love and care into what they do – working 16-18 hours a day, the passion is obvious, and it shows.

Take the drive to Chuckwagon BBQ and taste it for yourself.

2893 Hwy. 28, behind the Douro-Dummer Community Centre

Wed-Thurs 11:00-7:00pm
Fri-Sun 11:00-8:00pm

Follow them on Facebook @ Chuckwagon BBQ