Bring the Outdoors In!

It is a wonderful design trend to bring the outdoors indoors.  We do it all through the warm months, so why not do it when it turns cold too?  Of course, a vase of flowers from your garden is not an option – but a nice bundle of fresh evergreens is!

Evergreens such as white pine, cedar, balsam and spruce can be easily integrated into your home.  And, ohh the fragrance! Freshly cut on the ends, they last for a long period of time in a vase of water.  If you wish them laying out on the mantle, as little bundles tucked behind picture frames or even as a natural runner down the centre of a harvest table, they should be treated to prevent moisture loss and extend their life in our warm homes.  Studies have shown that a Canadian home, in the winter, is drier than the Sahara Desert!  So, it is understandable that evergreen boughs, not in water, will dry out quickly.  A great product called “Wilt Pruf” can be sprayed on the boughs and it will lock in the moisture, extending the “freshness” of the evergreen by at least 10 days.  “Wilt Pruf” can be purchased in any good garden centre.

A great evergreen bough to consider using indoors is British Columbian Cedar.  B.C. Cedar is different from our local cedar.  It is drapey, deep green and very elegant.  It is fabulous to lay on mantles or to tie together, as a garland and drape down a banister or stairway.  Spraying it with “Wilt Pruf” will extend its life, but even if you don’t do it, when B.C. Cedar is dry it doesn’t look dry and will only shatter into pieces if touched repeatedly.  Boxwood also works well indoors and adds a different texture to any arrangement.

Happy Decorating from your friends at Griffin’s Greenhouses!

By Vikki Whitney, Owner of Griffin’s Greenhouses

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