Bert’s Appliances has Come Full Circle

In 1969 Bert Macey began an appliance repair business, operating out of The Dandelion snack bar which he and his wife, Rosemarie, owned in Hickory Beach, near Fenelon Falls ON. Soon they began selling GE appliances from a sales book. Rosemarie remembers accompanying Bert on weekly trips to Toronto to pick up appliances which had been ordered by customers and then delivering them “in our pick-up truck!”

The next step was to bring five appliances into the store. The appliance business began to pick up, and in 1976 they sold the shop and set up a showroom in their home just up the road.

1986 saw Bert’s Appliances Sales and Service move to Fenelon Falls, where the business continued to grow. The Macey boys, Trevor and Cameron (both trained in appliance repair by their dad), came onboard, eventually taking on most of the service work as Bert and Rosemarie began to work towards a less hectic pace. Bert passed away in 2012 and the boys carried on the business, always striving to uphold their parents’ commitment to customer service, exemplifying the integrity which had always been the hallmark of the business.

The well-stocked showroom featured a wide range of GE appliances, from basic to high-end, and Bert’s Appliances delivery trucks were running the roads. Five years ago, Bert’s Appliances received recognition as the biggest seller of GE Monogram appliances, even beating out the big box stores for that distinction.

But times change. Trevor retired due to health issues. Online shopping and big box stores began to have a serious impact on the independents.

As Cameron looked to the future, considering his own eventual retirement, the decision was finally made to discontinue appliance sales, sell the building and concentrate solely on service and repair.

51 years later, the business Bert Macey started has come full circle, and is once again Bert’s Appliance Service; a home-based business with Cameron Macey as the sole service and repair technician.

“I was hoping for a slower pace, but for right now I’m busier than ever,” Cameron says. “I think things will even out, eventually.”

When Rosemarie was asked how she felt about the changes, she smiled and said simply, “It’s wonderful!”

The Maceys would like to say thank you to all their past customers and their longtime dedicated staff, and Cameron looks forward to providing the same excellent service that has set the business apart for the last half century.

Bert’s Appliance Service specializes in service to most makes of major appliances. You can book your service appointment by calling 705-887-5436.