Avoiding “Cookie Cutter” Decor

It is fun and exciting to decorate indoors and outdoors for the winter season.  However, many of the materials we use are the same (evergreens, birch sticks, pinecones), so it is a challenge to make your personal decor stand out.  The quest is to avoid having “cookie cutter” creations.

For your outdoor pots (any pot can be used, as long as it is winterproof) a base of mixed evergreen boughs can be pressed into the existing soil of the container.  What you add next can highlight the design of your home or your unique personality.  Do you have a country-inspired home and style?  Add in some birch logs or a funky driftwood stick for height and drama.  Perhaps hang a pair of skates on a branch of the wood if your family loves to skate or play hockey.  Do you have a formal home?  Fill your pots full and lush with magnolia tips, draping evergreens and perhaps a hook with a metal lantern.  A modern home?  Add brightly painted sticks and various greens in neat rows of each variety; this is a trendy, modern, European look.

Consider additional pieces to accent your container creations.  A pair of skis leaning against the wall tied with a bow?  A sled integrated into a scene on the porch?  Branches draped in mini lights?  Your imagination and style can run wild!

Indoors, small snips of evergreens can be added to a simple Poinsettia by inserting the stems directly into the soil of the plant.  Safe, realistic battery operated candles can be added to any arrangement of fresh or potted flowers or nestled on plates of candies, pinecones and nuts.  White and green are the trend colours for indoor decor – clean, crisp and so effective highlighted with mini lights!  How can you add this pallet, creatively, to your own home?

By Vikki Whitney, Owner of Griffin’s Greenhouses
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