Amber Marshall from Heartland Chats with Kayla at The Royal Winter Fair

“Meeting with Amber was an amazing experience – especially finding out she wasn’t just a “Horse Trainer Actress”  – she actually is a Country Girl with many animals of her own.” Kayla

The most important piece of advice you’ve ever received was…
Learn from your mistakes. Everyone makes them; the important part is learning how to be better from those experiences. Stay positive, and if you want something, work hard to achieve it.

Where did you grow up…
I grew up with my mom, dad and little brother in a home in London, Ontario. I wasn’t able to live in the country until after I had moved out, but that didn’t stop me from spending all my free time at a stable outside of town. I first began taking riding lessons there when I was 10 years old, and a few years later was able to obtain my own horse which I boarded there.

When did you start acting…
When I was 8 years old, I joined a local theatre group for children called “The Original Kids Theatre Company.” I had so much fun performing there. It wasn’t too long after joining that I was recommended to an agency for Film and Television. At the age of 12 I booked my first TV role!

Who taught you how to ride?
When I was 4 years old my parents took me out to a local farm where they would lead me around on a little pony named Tony. My mom rode horses growing up, so she was able to teach me all the basics. At the age of 10 I started formal English lessons at Shadowlane Stables just outside of London, ON.

Do you have horses of your own?
My husband and I have a ranch just outside of Calgary, Alberta where we live with our many animals. They can be seen on my website “

Currently we have 6 horses. My newest friend is a Palomino Quarter Horse named Cruz. He came to live with us during the summer. I also have a Black Quarter Horse named Hawk who my mom formed a bond with many years ago and he has become mostly her horse. My husband has a talented red roan Quarter Horse named Nitro. We also have a Bay Quarter Horse named Cinch whom our good friend/neighbour has taken a liking to. Cinch mostly lives with him and they compete together in Team Roping. Two Miniature horses named Screech and Talon also live with us. They are a funny pair and I always enjoy watching them boss around the bigger horses in the fields.

I got my first Horse a year ago when I was 8 years old, he is a Welsh Pony named Andy. How old were you when you got your first horse, what was the breed and its name?
My first horse was a chestnut Quarter Horse named Monty. I bought him at an auction sale when I was 12 years old. I mostly rode English then and we both learned how to jump together (not always the best plan!!)

Have you sang on stage and do you have a CD?
I do enjoy singing, but not when it becomes a job. My favourite type of singing is just jamming with friends. I have recorded a few songs that we sang on Heartland, but I don’t have any plans to put out a CD at this time. I have sung on stage when I was young (through my theatre company) but not in a band.

Which is your favourite horse on the show?
Stormy plays the role of Spartan on Heartland. He has been with the show as long as I have (all 13 years) so him and I have a special connection. He is now 19 years old and starting to develop arthritis. We have written the story to reflect his restrictions and at the end of Season 13 Amy recognises that even though Spartan will still be around for a long time, she cannot compete on him any longer or put as much pressure on him. 

I love your Cowgirl hats – where do you get them? How many do you have?
I get my hats all over the place. I have 5 now!!

Do you do all your stunts?
As much as I would love to do many of the stunts, the insurance companies that supply the show do not allow it. I do as much of the riding as they will permit, but jumping at a certain height, taking a fall, or riding really fast through a grassy field usually has to be done by a professional stunt performer.

Can fans come visit Heartland?
Unfortunately no, the ranch is owned by a private family and not open to the public. You can however go visit the town of High River which is used as “Hudson” on the show. You will see lots of familiar shops and diners including “Maggies!”

Who would you like to meet…
I have seen a few dogs in youtube videos and they seem like they have the coolest personalities. I would enjoy meeting them!!