Adam & Eve Rocks

Glaciated Ice Age Rock in Buckhorn

By Sarah Frank

Two massive rocks in the village of Buckhorn could be holding the secret to a long and happy relationship. It’s not clear how the boulders ended up there, preciously sitting side by side. Their home in the trees is nestled on the north side of a road named in their honour, not far from Trent Lakes Public Library. The space is quiet and serene, and according to local folklore, filled with romance. It’s said any young couple who holds hands while touching the rocks will be eternally blessed. 

It was early settlers who discovered and named the glacial rocks (also known as “erratics”), which are a by-product of the last ice age. The site is a must-see for sweethearts looking to take a chance on the rocks’ magic and for anyone who wants a closer look at the exposed granite the rocks feature, formed 1000s of years in the past. It’s also a popular spot for geocaching adventures.

The rocks can be found along Adam and Eve Road and are a short walk from Lock 31 along the Trent Severn. With a nice clearing to grab photos or enjoy a picnic, this a fun roadside stop.  

Buckhorn is home to a third massive glacial rock — The Balancing Rock. It can be found outside the Buckhorn Home Hardware, where a plaque explains the rocks likely arrived in town 10,000 years ago after breaking off the bedrock. It also details how, years ago, lumbermen used to try to push the rock over after they’d enjoyed a few drinks at the Buckhorn Lodge.

Take a day trip and explore beautiful Buckhorn as a couple and test the powers of the rocks – no one can turn down the chance of a love that is long and blessed.