Accelerated Technologies

Long term residents of the Kawartha lakes, John and Jen Sharrard, owners of Accelerated Technologies, have a very unique business with equally unique customers from all over North America. 

Situated in Buckhorn Ontario, this business focuses on vastly improving the suspension tuning and therefore handling and safety of their customer’s power sports vehicles.  These vehicles include motorcycles, ATV’s, side by sides and snowmobiles, and all have suspension components that can be tuned or altered, or replaced, which, in turn can vastly improve the customers’ ride experience.  

It is very common for an owner of a new vehicle to reach out to Accelerated Technologies after just purchasing it because they are disappointed or struggling with the ride or handling characteristics.  The dealer where they purchased the vehicle may be experts at general service or maintenance but are often at a loss when the customer needs to understand advanced ride dynamics, handling and improved control of their new toy.  That’s where Accelerated steps in, interviews the customer to discuss their desires or their concerns, and maps out a few strategies that give some options depending on the owner’s budget and expectations.  Perhaps an adjustment of the OEM settings is all that is required, or, if the owner has purchased an entry level machine from their dealer, sometimes a more dramatic improvement involves replacing all the shocks on the vehicle with a higher quality package.  

During the winter months, when recreationalists switch to enjoying snowmobiling, their shop is busy setting up the handling of hundreds of snowmobiles each winter.  A few years ago, word got out that massive improvements could be made in the safety and handling of modern snowmobiles and now customers will trailer their machines from as far away as Wawa, Sarnia, Quebec, New York, Michigan and even Illinois for Accelerated Technologies to set up their snowmobile’s often misunderstood adjustments.  

John and Jen explain that these machines seem to have a baseline calibration for about a 120 pound rider, when the average Canadian snowmobiler seems to be around 180 to 210 pounds.  A heavier or taller person has no negative handling or comfort effects when they get into their 6000 pound car, but they sure can disrupt the handling of a 600 pound snowmobile or ATV.  A heavier rider can use up most of the travel of the OEM suspension just getting on the seat, therefore having no suspension movement left for any sizeable bump, which results in a terribly uncomfortable ride that quickly gets unsafe when the speed elevates even moderately.  Conversely, a light rider can get beat up and bounced around by a vehicle that barely moves under him or her when ridden at a moderate pace due to overly harsh or firm suspension settings on the vehicle.

So, whether your passionate powersport vehicle is a motorcycle, ATV, side by side or a snowmobile, the team at Accelerated Technologies can ensure the vehicle ‘fits’ you like it was an extension of your body, dramatically improving your comfort, safety, happiness and the overall enjoyment you experience every time you ride.  

They can be reached at 705-657-9490, by email at, on Facebook at Accelerated Technologies Motorcycle Page, OR Accelerated Technologies Snowmobile and ATV Page as well as at Accelerated Technologies on Instagram.  Their website is