Abbey Field Society of Canada

A few weeks ago, Abbeyfield Lakefield (AHSL) decided to suspend the Communication Service it was providing the community that of circulating information for NFP organizations. In view of the current emergency situation we are faced with it today, decided to reverse that decision and re-instate the service.
If, by so doing anyone wishes to partake of this service and use it to contact any friends or anyone, or offer a service or help, and whose email address (and some telephone #’s) I may have in my contacts list (close to 300 in total) PLEASE do not hesitate to email me and I will try to connect you or circulate information you may wish to share. Many of us have already taken the initiative to Self Isolate – which has prompted so far – 2 of my friends to check up on me, which is extremely kind and thoughtful of them and very much appreciated. If nothing else transpires from all of this, it will have brought many people much closer together, and hopefully formed new friendships.
As advised on CBC radio earlier today, all the sudden additional use of the electronic media will no doubt spark those disreputable hackers to ‘get to work’ on the  ‘not too tech-savvy’, amongst us. So a word of caution, and to avoid what happened to one of you recently when your name was used in an attempt to defraud everyone in your mailing list, if you receive an email, and your even slightly suspicious, check the sender’s email address – mine as you will see is
Please stay safe, and follow all the instructions and advise our Health Care advisors and various levels of government are providing currently.