A Rose by Any Other Name

While many grow roses for the beautiful blooms and intoxicating aroma, they have long been used as medicine. With a rich history of over 35 million years, cultures all over the globe have stories, myths and legends about the magic, medicine and use of roses. In Ancient Greece it is said that roses bloomed from Aphrodite’s tears as she wept over the loss of her lover, Adonis. Cleopatra was known as the goddess who smelled like roses, and petals have been discovered in multiple Egyptian tombs. 

So how do we harness this exotic medicine into our every day lives? While all roses and hips are edible, there are some more apt to this use than others. For topical uses, we have a plethora of options only limited by your imagination! Rose petals infused in witch hazel make a lovely skin toner. Rose petals infused in a carrier oil can be used in a body oil or as the base in a salve. Fresh petals can be used to brew a strong tea for a facial steam. Consider combining with chamomile, lavender, or calendula for a beautiful botanical experience. And finally, my personal favourite, is rose petal elixir which is a creation where alcohol (brandy is my preference) and a sweetener like honey is used as the extraction method. May you enjoy your next walk through the roses. 

Correne Omland , Clinical Herbalist & Reiki Practitioner
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